The many variables present make the injection molding process very complex and variable. The experience of smart mold has made it possible to develop functional coatings capable of facilitating the process.

The offer

Through dedicated molds, Smart Mold is able to test different thermoplastic materials on different coatings to evaluate which is the best match.


Thanks to their chemical nature, functional coatings can reduce the  forces required for extraction and can facilitate cleaning of the mold especially for recycled polymers.

Reduction of extraction force

Facilitate mold cleaning


Shortest cycle time
Shortest cycle time
Better quality
Better quality
Increase productivity
Increase productivity

The use of functional coatings on the mold surface leads to:

  • Reduction deformation due to extraction;
  • Ability to extract the component earlier in time;
  • Lower cycle times;
  • Lower maintenance times;
  • Increased durability of the molds thanks to the higher hardness of the coatings.
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