Smart Mold

Smart Mold is a spin-off of the University of Padua, Department of Mechanical Engineering, funded by Giovanni Lucchetta, Marco Sorgato, and Davide Masato in 2019. Sirmax acquired 50% of Smart Mold in 2020. Our company's goal is to reduce the environmental impact of plastics by developing innovative injection molding technologies and optimizing plastic parts design using higher value-added materials. We support our customers in the engineering design of their products. Smart Mold uses advanced software to simulate the mechanical behavior of plastic parts and optimize their design for injection molding, reducing part weight and plastic consumption. Sirmax's established know-how provides Smart Mold with accurate and reliable materials characterization for the engineering design of any application. These competencies aren't only exploited in the design phase to achieve a performant component and a robust process but also in the problem-solving phase for already underway processes.


Smart Mold's team intervenes in the design process with scientific method and rigorous approach; Sirmax provides engineers and its R&D laboratories to study and produce the compounds to be used. The common goal is to design and supply materials to make high value-added components in strategic sectors such as automotive, home appliance, and electrical and electronics, with hybrid solutions that can combine the performance of virgin materials with a high percentage of recycled material, a feature that is increasingly demanded by the market.