Knowing how to numerically reproduce the physical injection molding process, understand the technical aspects and being able to interpret the results of the simulation allows you to identify critical issues and verify the effectiveness of corrective actions.

The offer

A well-performed numerical simulation is able to reproduce in detail the evolution of the material during the injection molding process.


The expertise gained allows Smart Mold to identify through the results analysis at which stage of the manufacturing process an action is required to solve the problems that cause the non-conformity of the molded component.

Numerical modeling of manufacturing process

Results analysis and problems identification

Check of corrective actions


Improve quality
Improve quality
Meet the requirements
Meet the requirements

The numerical analysis of the manufacturing process for a non-compliant molded product lead to the following benefits:

  • Identification of causes leading to non-compliance;
  • Individuation of the step to take to solve the problem;
  • Rapid verification of the benefits produced by corrective actions trough simulation.
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