An accurate characterization of polymeric materials is fundamental when it comes to numerical simulation: the quality of the data input to the simulation strongly influences the reliability of the results.

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For the process and structural analyzes there are different properties that must be accurately determined, depending on the type of analysis to be carried out.


Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the properties of polymers and numerical analyzes, Smart Mold is able to evaluate which are the most important characteristics to be analyzed experimentally.

Rheological characterization

Shrinkage properties

Mechanical properties


Material characteristics
Material characteristics
Accurate simulations
Accurate simulations
Better performance
Better performance

A precise and accurate characterization of the polymers leads to: :

  • Determination of the visco-elastic behavior of the polymer;
  • Determination of the characteristic temperature (melting, glass, transition);
  • Evaluation of the mechanical behavior as the temperature and speed vary;
  • More reliable results from the process e structural numerical analysis.
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