The use of numerical simulation allows to identify the criticalities of the components made by injection molding, allowing them to be corrected in the preliminary phase with less time and costs.

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Through the use of ANSYS® structural simulation software, Smart Mold is able to identify the most critical areas in the component, thus proposing improvement solutions.


The experience of Smart Mold in the field of injection molding allows to identify possible defects deriving from the process, both on aesthetic and structural components, from the analyzes carried out with the Autodesk Moldflow® software

Structural numerical analysis

Injection molding numerical analysis

Advanced structural analysis
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Cost saving
Cost saving
Better quality
Better quality
Improve strength
Improve strength

The use of numerical analysis in the early stages of the design leads to the following benefits:

  • Identification of the optimal solution;
  • Reduction of design times;
  • Reduction of reworks costs;
  • Easy identification of critical issues;
  • Evaluation of the causes of the critical issues;
  • Verification of improvement proposals.