Smart Mold is a spin-off born in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padua, created by Giovanni Lucchetta, Marco Sorgato and Davide Masato in which Sirmax entered with 50 percent through a capital increase. The multinational group specializing in the production of thermoplastic compounds invested in 2020 in our university spin-off that transforms plastic coming from recycling into hi-tech material. Our engineering company was born in 2018 in the spaces of the T2i incubator in Rovigo and works on the one hand on molds and their improvement, increasing the processing and technical characteristics of plastic from recycling, and on the other hand on the study of end products that reduce the amount of plastic used in a mold. In fact, our spin-off has patented a special surface treatment of the molds used to inject the plastic material that allows the mold to be filled more easily and has also made a patent for the use of post-consumer plastic.


Sirmax and Smart Mold: a relationship born to meet customer needs  

Through the acquisition of Smart Mold, Sirmax offers its customers a product and service that is responsive to customer requirements and capable of meeting market needs especially in the area of sustainability. Massimo Pavin, Ceo & President of the Group with headquarters in Cittadella (PD), said at the time of the acquisition, "We strongly believe in the relationship with this organization, and in the talents that are formed within it, and for years we have been collaborating with the Ateneo Patavino. Welcoming Smart Mold as part of Sirmax Group and opening its doors to the market is for us the best way to be able to enhance the excellence of our territory. At a time when economic paradigms seem to call everything into question, healthy companies must contribute even more determined to the recovery of the industrial fabric. For the three-year period 2019-2021, we have planned investments of 80 million euros with a special focus on the circular economy."


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