Eight one-hour appointments in the webinar series realized by Smart Mold in collaboration with Sirmax entitled "Advances in numerical simulation of injection molding". In these webinars, will be discussed topics concerning the correct use of numerical simulation in the injection molding process: from the selection and characterization of the processed material to the structural simulation of the molded component, through the prediction of aesthetic defects.


The webinar cycle will start on Wednesday 22nd March with the first webinar entitled “Material characterization for numerical simulations of the injection molding process. This will be followed by further appointments on Wednesday at 10 am CEST in Italian, and the following day (Thursday) in English at 2 pm CEST. The target audience for this training activity is mainly designers and technicians interested in the use of numerical simulation as a design tool. The webinars are, however, open to all those who are interested or are part of the plastics industry.

Below is the calendar of appointments:


Webinar 1

Material characterization for numerical simulations of the injection molding process

Material characterization aimed at obtaining quality analysis, emphasizing the relationships between the main simulation results and material properties.


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22/03 10 a.m. ITA        


23/03 2 p.m. ENG


Webinar 2

Metal replacement: Material selection and enabling technological solutions

Cambridge Engineering Selector method for the selection of the most suitable polymer material to replace metal and proposal to resolve the problems related to the presence of typical defects of the injection molding process thanks to the assisted gas-pull (GAPP).


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19/04 10 a.m. ITA


20/04 2 p.m. ENG


Webinar 3

Design from recycling: how to design robust plastic parts maximizing their recycled content

Numerical approach to determine the maximum PCR content that can be used in a given application and robust design approach to make component performance insensitive to intrinsicvariations in PCR properties.


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24/05 10 a.m. ITA


25/05 2 p.m. ENG


Webinar 4

Advanced structural analysis for extreme lightweight solutions

Method that allows the local morphology of the material to be taken into account in numerical structural analyses, obtaining much more accurate results, enabling weight reduction in applications where this is required. Final case study.


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28/06 10 a.m. ITA


29/06 2 p.m. ENG


Webinar 5

Prediction of aesthetic defects in injection molding of metalized compounds

Thanks to numerical analysis, Smart Mold is able to predict aesthetic defects by acting upstream on the design of the component and the mold, in order to obtain a final component in line with design requirements.


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26/07 10 a.m. ITA


27/07 2 p.m. ENG


Webinar 6

Prediction of aesthetic defects in metal injection molding

Presented the MIM process and the application of numerical process simulation to this technology, with particular focus on material characterization and prediction of possible defects.


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27/09 10 a.m. ITA


28/09 2 p.m. ENG


Webinar 7

Designing the overmolding of thermoplastic elastomers

Focus on hard-soft couplings and the related interactions that are generated, with application examples and related numerical process and structural analysis to highlight critical issues and possible solutions.


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25/10 10 a.m. ITA


26/10 2 p.m. ENG


Webinar 8

Micro injection molding


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22/11 10 a.m. ITA


23/11 2 p.m. ENG

The webinar speakers will be representatives of the Smart Mold team: Giovanni Lucchetta, Marco Sorgato, Riccardo Ivan, Andrea Scantamburlo.


Smart Mold is an engineering company founded as a spin-off of the University of Padua and 50% owned by Sirmax. The company supports its costumers starting from the engineering design of the product and studies its applications and the mechanical characteristics it must have; it uses advanced software to simulate its mechanical behaviour and proposes design solutions to reduce its weight and plastic consumption. The Smart Mold team intervenes in the design process with a scientific method and rigorous approach. The aim is to design and supply materials to make high value-added components in strategic sectors such as the automotive, household appliance and electrical and electronics industries, with hybrid solutions capable of combining the performance of virgin materials with a high percentage of recycled material, a feature that is increasingly requested on the market.


The topics covered in the webinars can be discussed in more detail by emailing marketing@sirmax.com

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